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All about Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are versatile cooking appliances that combine dry heat (convection) and moist heat (steam) to prepare a wide range of dishes. They are designed to maintain the right balance of heat and humidity to prevent food from drying out or burning.

Combi ovens simplifies cooking. It offers a touchscreen interface where you can select the type of food, desired coloration, and doneness. Intelligent sensors monitor the oven’s contents and adjust temperature, humidity, air speed, and cooking time for consistent results, even with different food quantities.

To ensure success with your combi oven, consider factors like the model size, kitchen space, and exhaust requirements. Choose a size that matches the volume and type of dishes you plan to prepare. Combi ovens come in various sizes, denoted by the number of pans they can hold.

Combi ovens require a hood to capture condensation and smoke, and they can share space with other equipment under a Type I hood. If space is limited, recirculating hoods like the Ultra Vent and Ultra Vent Plus are vent less options.

All about Combi Ovens

Once you’ve selected your Combi oven, ensure that you have the necessary power, water, and filtration systems in place as specified in the manufacturer’s specifications.

Proper training is essential for making the most of your Combi oven. A certified technician will provide initial startup training, teaching the basics of using and cleaning the oven. Two weeks later, a corporate chef will provide further training, helping customize menu items and ensuring your team is comfortable using the Combi oven.

All about Combi Ovens

For ongoing support, you can reach out to Chbib Customer service and Maintenance section

To keep your Combi oven in top condition, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Most Combi ovens offer a quick cleaning cycle, and the system recommends the appropriate cleaning cycle based on usage. A certified technician should perform regular maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency.

In summary, Combi ovens are user-friendly, versatile appliances that can enhance any foodservice operation when used correctly and maintained properly.