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Live Cook & Wash Demo Event

Coook & Wash Event Team

Chbib has conducted a live Cook & Wash Demonstration Event on October 30 & 31. Over the course of two days, we had the opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge Industrial Kitchen Cooking Equipment from Rational and Sustainable Pot wash equipment from Nordisk Clean solutions to an enthusiastic and engaged audience from 25+ Companies. Highlights of the event: Culinary […]

93rd National Day Celebration

93rd National Day Celebration

Celebrating Saudi National Day 2023! At #Chbib we are proud to join the nation in celebrating the 93rd Saudi National Day. 🎉 This special occasion is a testament to the rich heritage, culture, and progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s a moment to reflect on our shared values of unity, diversity, and innovation, which resonate […]