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Welcome to Chbib

Adopting to change and leading the way.

Chbib Trading was founded in 1986 with a mission to make a meaningful impact on society. This commitment to society, connected with our values and principles, forms the foundation of who we are and what we do.

As a closed joint company, we carry forward the purpose passed down through generations, aiming to make it even better for future generations to grow and prosper. The consistent growth of our firm over the past 36 years confirms that our vision is on track and in line with our future plans.

Our Customers : Assisting to create sustainable, futuristic solution

Throughout our history, Chbib has had a proven track record of exceptional customer service and client care. The desire and our mission to help our customers in all areas we serve build the brand of Chbib.

We recognize that trust is built over time through consistent, honest, and reliable products and services. Our commitment to meet customer expectations with top-notch products remains unwavering. Quality isn’t just a feature; it’s a value we carry inside all activities we do in Chbib.

Our Suppliers: A Cornerstone of Success at Chbib

A standout strength of Chbib is our ability to build strong relationships with premium manufacturers across the globe. These partnerships have been crucial, enabling us to offer exceptional products to our customers. We deeply value the expertise and quality our suppliers bring, as well as their ongoing support for the success of Chbib.

As we go ahead, our dedication to strengthening these partnerships and finding new creative opportunities to partner with new elite suppliers remains constant.

Our People: The Heart of It All

Our people are the driving force at Chbib and the main reason behind our success. Our team consists of top professionals in their respective fields, and they share a united commitment to our company’s achievements. We’ve ensured they are well-equipped, adhering to global safety standards and eco-friendly practices.


We consistently boost morale through monthly appraisals, celebratory events, and adherence to global HR policies and best practices. We promote localization while also fostering diversity and inclusivity for all.

Thank you for visiting us here, and we look forward to enhancing your overall experience with Chbib and facilitating your path to greater success.

Chairman Message


Eng. Abdul Hakim Al Sehli