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Hospitality Supplies (OS& E)

The Hospitality Department of CHBIB was founded in 2007 with a strong focus on supplying sustainable premium guest room amenities to the hospitality sector in Saudi Arabia.

CHBIB Hospitality Division offers a wide range of high-quality hotel supplies, including operating supplies and equipment, from premium international brands, catering to the needs of your hotel. Our expertise is dedicated to serving you effectively.

In response to market demand and in alignment with our company’s values, Chbib Hospitality has consistently developed an extensive range of top-quality guest room supplies, including minibar and safe box Riyadh, tailored to meet the needs of the premium segments within the hospitality industry. 

Since 2017, we have entered into exclusive distribution partnerships with selected importers and international manufacturers to serve you with the right quality products, including operating supplies and equipment.

Mini Bar

A mini bar is a compact refrigerator stocked with a selection of beverages and snacks, typically found in hotel rooms or homes, offering convenience and refreshment to guests and residents.

Safe Boxes

Safe boxes, also known as safes or strongboxes, provide secure storage for valuable items such as cash, jewelry, important documents, and electronic devices, protecting them from theft, fire, or other potential threats.

Tableware supplies

Tableware supplies encompass an array of dining essentials, including plates, utensils, glassware, and serving dishes, designed to enhance the dining experience and accommodate various culinary needs and preferences.

Kitchen utensils supplies

Kitchen utensils supplies consist of a diverse range of tools and gadgets, from knives and cutting boards to spatulas and measuring cups that are indispensable for cooking and food preparation tasks in the kitchen.

Banqueting equipment & Meeting room supplies

Banqueting equipment and meeting room supplies encompass a wide range of items such as tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, and decor, essential for hosting events, conferences, and gatherings in a professional and accommodating setting