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Chbib Care: Industrial cleaning solutions

Chbib Care is one of the largest providers of cleaning equipment and solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At Chbib, we understand that maintaining cleanliness in your office, manufacturing facility, and shopping mall on a daily basis can pose significant challenges. However, we are here to offer our expertise as your reliable partner, providing professional consulting services and industry-specific cleaning solutions.

Committed to sustainable, eco-friendly products, excellent after-sales support, and nationwide branches, we lead as trendsetters, meeting diverse industry demands.

Our consulting team excels at tackling all kinds of challenges, providing cost-effective solutions for on-site operations, while our after-sales service team ensures timely maintenance and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are well trained and certified by reputable manufacturers.

Professional consultation

We provide valuable expertise and industry insights to help businesses optimize equipment selection, maintenance, and operational strategies, ultimately enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their cleaning operations.

Sustainable Products & Solutions

In the cleaning equipment business, sustainable products and solutions play a pivotal role in reducing environmental impact while enhancing operational efficiency, meeting the evolving demands of eco-conscious customers.

Futuristic-Robotic Products

Futuristic robotic products represent the forefront of innovation, offering automated and intelligent solutions that optimize cleaning processes, reduce labor costs, and deliver superior performance for modern, tech-savvy clients.

Customized Solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering personalized industrial cleaning solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs, ensuring that our customers receive equipment configurations and maintenance plans that maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental services offer cost-effective and flexible solutions for businesses to access high-quality machinery without the upfront capital investment, ensuring efficient and well-maintained equipment for their cleaning needs.